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Hourglass is an alternative pop/rock band based in Cebu City and Tokyo. Formed in August, 2017. Toured to South Korea to join Yeosu International Busking Festival in 2018. Releasing 1st album Quarter Life Crisis from Mona Records in Japan.

Our Story

Album - Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis is our first studio album released on October 14th, 2020. Most of the lyrics in the songs here are the advice I would tell my younger self or how I wish someone would have told me at that moment. We tend to seek or achieve the word ‘perfect’ or ‘happy ending’ reminiscing the bedtime stories read to us when we were kids. We easily get frustrated when things don’t go our way with external pressures. Finding our identity and trying to fit in always seem too difficult to balance; instead, we lose hope and ourselves. As I grew older, I began to realize that life is an open book. And each one of us is unique and has a purpose in life. Whether it's your first kiss at 26, landing your dream job at 32, buying a house at 23, or getting married at 35, each one of us is running at our own pace and life is never a race. So live life like you had to; there is no room for regrets! -Andrew Garbanzos

A Little Thing

About Us

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Andrew Garbanzos


Scad Kevin Amar

Rhythm Guitar

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Yohei Nissato

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dennis Raphael Moga


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Willord Paul Casa Jacinto